Elspeth has a serious obsession with Winnie the Pooh.

The only toys she wants to play with, the only TV shows that will hold her attention, the only books she’s interested in – all Winnie the Pooh!

I don’t know how many times recently I’ve seen Pooh’s Grand Adventure – which happens to be the only one of our three Pooh-related DVDs I can find right now. If this goes on, I really must find the others!

Owning an iPad

I would never have purchased an iPad for myself. Generally speaking I’m quite anti-Apple. However, I won one in a competition, and far be it from me to look a gift horse in the mouth. So, the box was opened, apps were downloaded, and the device was promptly handed over to Elspeth.

Who’d have thought? She loves it! Useless as a computing device for me, but excellent as a child’s toy!