International Children’s Day


Apparently today is International Children’s Day. I had no idea until I opened my browser and Google’s homepage displayed the above image. Curious, I clicked, and learned today’s something new.

As such, today I cling to the hope that I can read a newspaper or watch a news program on TV without seeing anything at all about a child being neglected, lost, kidnapped, murdered, or abused. I hope that, just for one day, parents and guardians can take full responsibility for their offspring, love them, nurture them, and care for them as they should – for it can’t be denied that a very large proportion of crimes against children are perpetrated by those closest to them.

Today might also be a suitable day to  re-open discussions on the fate of adults who have shown themselves incapable of appropriate parenting, and their children. It’s a delicate issue, I know, but personally I have no problem with completely removing blameless children from harmful environments, and I also have no problem with the concept of involuntary, compulsory sterilisation of parents who become repeat offenders.

Becoming a parent is always a choice. You choose to have sex, you choose whether to use contraception. If your method of contraception fails, you choose whether or not to have an abortion, or whether to keep the child or give it up for adoption. Once you’ve made that series of choices and ended up with a child of your own, you must take full responsibility for it!

I’m afraid I can muster little to no sympathy in my heart for the parents who fail in that responsibility, regardless of the excuses and justifications they provide. If you can’t learn to parent, you shouldn’t be left with a child or allowed to have any more.

One thought on “International Children’s Day

  1. emmajaneforever says:

    I agree. completely

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