Being pregnant again

I was looking for a particular bowl this morning. I looked in its usual cupboard, I looked in the dishwasher. I looked on the dining table, in the study, everywhere that bowl might be. All to no avail.

Some time later my husband approached me, bowl in hand. “Were you being pregnant again?” asks he. Turns out I’d simply put the bowl away in the wrong cupboard!

Scientists have apparently debunked the myth of baby brain. Any woman who’s ever been pregnant will snort derisively at that article. We put our cereal in the fridge and our milk in the pantry. We lose our keys. We have no idea what our husbands said to us three minutes ago. Baby brain is real!

In other pregnancy-related developments, yesterday was the first day that I’ve been able to observe my stomach jiggling as Evelyn kicks. She was very active from about 10pm last night through until 6am or so this morning, and with each big kick my belly jerked and wobbled! I think this is a turning point, and the pregnancy is going to get bigger, more uncomfortable, and more violent!


What do you think?

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