Empty, quiet house

Bereft of its smallest resident, my house seems silent and empty. I feel like I should remain quiet, as though she were napping in the next room, but the door is wide open and I know she’s not there.

My little Elspeth has gone on a little holiday with her nanna and poppa, my parents, for a few days. It really is a win-win-win situation: she enjoys it, her parents enjoy it, and her grandparents love it! But I do feel odd in the minutes after she has left. It’s like one of those dreams where you’ve gone out not wearing pants. Something is missing, something so normal that you barely even think of it until it’s gone.

I’m not even sure what I’m going to do with all my spare time. Hello, Facebook? I guess I’ll have plenty of time to read – maybe too much! Aidan and I are both re-reading George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, and I’m slightly behind him. I might catch up, and then we’d be trying to read the same book at the same time. Awkward!

I might do some baking. I would post a recipe, but I’m going to do a chocolate cake from a pre-mix pack. You want the recipe? Buy the pack!


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