Possible Anaemia

I spent a lot of yesterday feeling mildly dizzy and light-headed. Not too serious, but constant, all day. Dizziness and I go way back, though, so what I consider “not too serious”, another person might be stressed out over! Especially when 23 weeks pregnant.

Anyway, I went to see a doctor in the evening, just as a precaution. This particular doctor I have seen just once before. I was not impressed the first time, and I wasn’t impressed yesterday either. He has a very casual, off-hand manner, and is very unprofessional. It’s possible that if I met him socially I’d quite like him, but I do not feel overly comfortable with him as a doctor. But when you call a clinic at 3.30pm and ask for an appointment that same afternoon, you take who you can get.

So the doctor took my blood pressure, which was apparently fine, and then pulled down my bottom eyelid. He said the inside of my eyelid looked very pale, and he thought I might have anaemia. He ordered blood tests to confirm this.

Today, I feel pretty good. Only very slightly light-headed, and only for a minute or so at a time. Nonetheless, I went to Pathology and had blood taken. So now I await the results…

Anaemia during pregnancy seems a reasonably normal or common thing. A pregnant woman has about 50% more blood in her body than usual, so naturally extra iron is required to manufacture haemoglobin for all that extra blood. It’s easily treatable by simply increasing the intake of red meat and green leafy vegetables, as well as taking iron supplements.

It shouldn’t be anything to worry about, even if the test does come back positive. Just a minor nuisance!


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