Unprofessional? How?

I mentioned in my previous post that my doctor is unprofessional. I thought I might relate the incidents in my two experiences with him which make me say that.

The first time I saw him was when I first fell pregnant. It was the “Hello, I’m pregnant” visit, and should have covered the following: Do you smoke? Do you drink? How much exercise do you get? How do you know you’re pregnant? When was your last period? How was your last pregnancy and birth? And so on. Not to sound vain, but it should have been, literally, all about me.

Instead, the moment he found out what my husband does for a living, he spent a considerable amount of time discussing it with him, and comparing various aspects of countries he’d lived in, including India and England. It was less of a “Hi, you’re pregnant” visit and more of “Hi, your husband’s job fascinates me” visit.

This most recent visit, yesterday, involved him taking a personal call on his mobile phone almost the moment I stepped into his office. He did attempt to get off the phone by saying “I’m with a patient, I’ll call you back in five minutes” – which really just gives the impression that I’m not important or serious enough to be with him for more than five minutes. After he hung up the phone, he filled me in on the details of who had called him and why, and then accused that person of being unprofessional.

On top of those incidents, the way he speaks and moves generally combine to give the impression that he doesn’t really care much about you, and considers himself very smart and important.

He also fails to explain things or check that you’ve understood. I’m not stupid and I know a bit about my own health and so on, but I would also like my doctor to make sure that his patients know what his diagnosis actually means, or what is likely to happen next. For instance, he never mentioned what anaemia is, or why it’s likely during pregnancy, or what he might do next if the blood test comes back positive.

I hope all this explains why I’m not very satisfied with him as a medical professional!


What do you think?

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