This morning’s imaginative play

Crayola "Beginnings" Paints

Crayola "Beginnings" Paints

Elspeth has these paints, and has always enjoyed painting with them. A little while ago, she also discovered that she could spin them around on a tabletop – “Spin, spin, spin!” But this morning, the play with these simple paints has gone further than ever before!

This morning, these paints aren’t paints. These paints are people who are climbing my bookshelves, talking to each other, “helping” each other with tasks unknown to me, jumping around, and chattering away to each other in the nonsense language of a toddler. The red paint has also been “riding” a stuffed toy cat, while the blue one was drinking a cup of tea.

Heaven knows what Elspeth thinks they’re talking about or if there’s meant to be a story, but she’s having fun and it’s adorable to watch!

One thought on “This morning’s imaginative play

  1. emmajaneforever says:

    That’s totally cute!!! 🙂

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