Old Wives Tales and Uninformed Blathering

Sometimes I feel like telling people that just because they’ve had a certain disease, does not make them an authority on it or on anything else with similar symptoms.

Your child had bronchitis? Why does that qualify you to comment on another child’s bronchiolitis? Different disease, different causes, some similar symptoms – but the name sounds the same! Also, to the best of my knowledge, it’s complete rubbish that the same disease/symptom set is called bronchiolitis in under-twos but bronchitis in older people.

You think antibiotics would be great for someone else’s child? Never mind that antibiotics are so overused that they’re becoming ineffective, or the fact that this particular case was caused by a virus. Lets just throw antibiotics at everything, because they’re magic. No, I tell you, no, antibiotics are for bacterial infections only, and are not always perfect against even them!

Oh, I see, your child’s illness was caused by being in wet clothes? No, I’m sorry, that is a complete myth. Simply being cold or wet will not magically produce a virus or a bacteria; those are spread by contact or proximity to other sick people. Winter is the cold and flu season not because of the temperature directly, but because people are more likely to huddle together! So don’t be hating on the childcare people for not changing your child’s top quickly enough. Be hating on the other parents who sent their children to childcare with a disease to spread.



4 thoughts on “Old Wives Tales and Uninformed Blathering

  1. Cazzie says:

    A-Men sister! Could not have said it better myself!

  2. Samara says:

    Haha. That is just the kind of person she is, very outspoken and gives her opinion freely. I also know that being in wet clothes does not cause illness lol, however I am not sure how appropriate water play is during this weather lol. I looked up bronchiolitis on wiki and it did say it was an illness in children mainly under 2, also the doctor at the Northern said asthma will not be diagnosed until the child is over 24 months, so that is why we were given the diagnosis of bronchiolitis. I am not sure why it said chest infection on the information sheet, because to my knowledge his chest has been proclaimed clear by all the doctors we’ve seen. Far as I know it’s just upper respiratory tract. As far as urging me to go to RCH, well that’s fine, but he has seen 2 different doctors this week, both who seemed competent, and I really don’t want to drive all that way after I have been told 3 times that there is nothing they can do. So unless it gets worse I am content to be at home and try to manage his symptoms. Far as asthma goes, well myself and his dad has it, so he is at risk of it anyway.

    • stace8383 says:

      I’m sure she meant well, but the inaccuracies in what she was saying really pissed me off!! Like you said, you’ve already seen a couple of doctors, and I think I’d rather trust those separate informed opinions than the dubious ideas of one unqualified woman. Oh well, rant over.

  3. Samara says:

    Hehe yep. Good rant đŸ™‚ Just crossing my fingers there is improvement, and being frustrated there is nothing they can do!

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