Rookie Mistake #437

Never leave a toddler unattended with food!

You might think your child is hungry. You might know that she is perfectly capable of feeding herself.

So when you come back to see this:

Empty Plate

Empty Plate

And you think, hooray, she ate it all!

But you can never be quite sure that the food isn’t actually hidden in cunning places around the house, like this:

Toast on Dora

Vegemite toast cunningly hidden in Dora's hair

And it can be days before you realise, if the food is especially well hidden. I’ve found bits of long-forgotten sandwich under tables, in drawers, and under rugs. Sometimes I can’t even say how long it’s been there – when did I give her that?? I wonder.

So to make housework easier and less disgusting, keep an eye on your munching toddler!


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