That Thing, again

Quite some time ago, whilst 24 weeks pregnant with Elspeth, I blogged about an incident caused by my pregnancy.

I’m not very pleased to report that this has occurred again!

I was walking to the train station this morning with the aim of going to the zoo. I was almost there when I began to feel dizzy, and sweat was pouring off me. My vision blurred, although this time I did not go completely blind, which was a positive!

I stopped and leaned on a post for a few minutes. The feeling passed, and I thought I would be alright. So I kept going. But it happened again, twice, and finally I simply had to sit down.

Fortunately (for me) the final episode occurred right next to the on-going construction works on Cooper Street, where the workmen have been seeing me walk by for many months and know me by sight. They offered assistance, water, a chair – even offered to call me an ambulance, but I called Aidan instead.

Aidan came from work and brought me home. His boss very kindly said not to worry about going back to work today, so for now I am pampered and fussed over and virtually forbidden to exert myself unnecessarily.

The dizziness and sweats have passed, my vision is back to normal. But my body seems to be in some sort of shock or something. I feel quite cold, I’m a bit pale, and I just keep needing to pee! I know that last bit is normal for pregnancy, but not this much!

Anyway, in lieu of going to the zoo, Aidan made a zoo for Elspeth at home. She seemed quite happy with it!

Elspeth's Zoo

Elspeth's Zoo

I’m actually not very sure if this post makes a lot of sense. I feel like it might be a bit disjointed. Anyway, I’m alright.


One thought on “That Thing, again

  1. […] due to dizziness and discomfort during both pregnancies, movement was severely reduced. Even my walking took a hit. I suffered for it, losing fitness […]

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