This morning we finally put together Elpseth’s toddler bed. It has been sitting in its box for several months now, awaiting effort. And effort did it take! There is a reason the thing was cheap; I think it was the most shoddily put together thing I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. Holes for screws didn’t line up, the whole thing was slightly crooked, and there were pieces missing. However, with the aid of some brute strength (from Aidan) and string (from me), we got it together. I figured that if it could support my weight, it would be fine for Elspeth to sleep on. So upon it I sat, all 70kg of me, and what do you know – it was fine! So tonight for the first time she will sleep in a bed instead of a cot. Hip hip hooray!


2 thoughts on “Productivity

  1. emmajaneforever says:

    What brand was it?
    & Yay for ellie, What a big girl.

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