Venturing out

For the first time since Wednesday, I went out today. Unfortunately shopping was becoming somewhat urgent! But rather than attempting to walk, I took the bus. And rather than chase a toddler around a shopping centre, I confined her to the pram for the duration of the trip. We did well, with very little fuss or bother from either of us. I walked slowly, breathed deeply, sat down occasionally, and felt nothing more than a little tired. No dizziness, no sweats, no blurred vision. Hip hip hooray! Now I know that it is possible (and, in fact, not difficult) to get out and about safely, there should be no future apprehension about doing so.


2 thoughts on “Venturing out

  1. Cin says:

    Wow, a big step forward! Hope that things do get better for and there’s no relapse of that incident.

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