Letter to a toddler

Dear Elspeth,

You turn two very soon, so it seemed a good time to make note of where we’re at and what you’re up to, because I know that when you ask later in life my memory will be woefully vague.

The most notable thing about you right now is your obsession with Winnie the Pooh. I’m talking books, DVDs, toys, your toothbrush, the works. I think every book I have read to you in the last few months has been about Pooh, with perhaps one or two exceptions!

Next is your love of ‘nuggle on the bed’, which is your way of asking (nay, demanding) that Aidan or myself go and sit on the bed with you to play or read. Nuggles do not actually involve any snuggles. And, might I add, you get very stroppy when denied or put off!

You also enjoy holding tea parties at the moment. Your nanny Lynne (Aidan’s mum) recently gave you a very lovely plastic tea set, and you ‘pour pour pour’ imaginary tea from the pot into the cups for your ‘friends’ (your current favourite stuffed toys, such as Iggle Piggle or that cow with the huge head).

Something you insist on is being close to me. You play well on your own, needing little active input from me, but you do like me to be right there – probably so that your frequent exclamations of ‘Look at that!’ won’t be missed.

You have a very good imagination, making your toys hold conversations and playing role playing games like riding the bus or going shopping. A toy doesn’t even need to be humanoid for you to give it a voice; even your pencils talk to me!

Your speech and vocabulary are coming along very nicely; I like to think you’re quite advanced for your age! But you still can’t say the letter L; it is usually expressed as a Y or W.

You are still in nappies for now, although I’m hoping to get you potty trained quite soon. You do sleep in a bed instead of a cot, though – that is one smalk step towards being a ‘big girl’.

The music that you love is eclectic. The songs I sing to soothe you tend to be what I call ‘black’ songs: gospel style, African-inspired, even some reggae. But the songs you ask for when awake are the theme song from Winnie the Pooh, and some weird duck song on youtube.

You love electronic devices. You’re quite good on the iPad when I let you, and you often demand it even though I try to limit your screen time. Sometimes, me singing a song isn’t good enough for you, and you demand that I play it on the ‘puter’ instead. You play with my phone too, and more than once you’ve made accidental phone calls – including a couple to India!

You are just beginning to throw monster tantrums. My strategy for now is to completely ignore it. I don’t care; if I said no to something, I meant it! Yelling for a while won’t hurt you, but it won’t change my mind either!

I think that is about it for now. I hope you laugh when you read this! It is odd to think you will have no recollection of any of these things, you will just have to trust me!

Much love,



3 thoughts on “Letter to a toddler

  1. Frank says:

    Nice idea, Stace. It’ll be nifty to show her when she’s older. 🙂

  2. jenswindow says:

    Beautiful, what a lovely idea 🙂

  3. When I was little I used to write letters like this… To myself. I’d write them on new years day and read them the next new years. It’s funny when you read what you were thinking of a year ago, or 2 or 3. I hope you save this and give it to your daughter when she’s older, I am sure shed love it! X

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