Gainer culture

If you’ve never heard of Donna Simpson, you’re a lucky person. I’m about to shatter all your warm and fuzzy perceptions of humankind.

Donna Simpson holds the world record for the fattest woman ever to give birth. For her, and others like her, being fat and gaining weight are things to strive towards, to be proud of. Her weight is given by the Daily Mail as being 50 stone, which is about 317 kilograms or 635 pounds.

Generally speaking, I have no problem with the choices and actions taken by an adult. One assumes an adult is informed and willing, and capable of dealing with the consequences of their own decisions. However, I do have a problem when those choices have a high probability of impacting negatively upon others.

Donna Simpson has children. Specifically, a four year old daughter who helps her to shop, cook, and eat. I don’t want to go into the psychological ramifications of living with a proud obese mother, other than to say it will almost certainly give her a skewed outlook of what is normal and healthy – mentally as well as physically. But what I find more concerning is the very real possibility that this child will be the one to witness her mother’s untimely demise from obesity-related illnesses.

Ms Simpson appears to show absolutely no regard for the feelings of others when she deliberately over-eats. She puts herself at high risk of illness, injury, and death, with no concern for the effect that could have on those who love her. She puts herself first in a shameless, selfish bid for attention and notoriety.

And it will cost her her life.

What do you think?

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