Home again, home again

Jiggity jig!

We left on Friday afternoon to head down to Aidan’s parents’ place on the Peninsula. There was no particular plan in mind; we just had a few days spare and thought it would be nice to visit!

The weather was pretty shoddy, but the company of course was lovely. We didn’t do anything much; didn’t even take advantage of their babysitting offer to get some time alone. We all just hung out together!

Toy barbeque

Toy barbeque

One of the wonderful things about grandparents’ houses is that grandparents have different toys! It’s a nice bit of variety for Elspeth, who I think can sometimes get a little bit bored with the toys at home – even though there are millions of them!

Car and doll

Random doll and toy car

I’ve been feeling quite ill today, and little Evelyn-to-be is very active. She’s actually hurt me a couple of times with particularly hard kicks, and she’s stretching out so I get sharp jabs on both sides of my stomach at the same time. I know I should be eating healthily, but feeling like this makes it really hard to swallow anything much. Lunch (on-going, even though it’s after 2pm) so far is just dried apricots and a little bit of chocolate. The thought of anything more substantial makes me wince.

My nose is also playing up; I keep smelling something weird, but there’s not actually anything – I smelt it in the car, and in the house, and before and after a shower (so I know it’s not me).

However, despite feeling unwell, it was an enjoyable trip overall! Good to be home, though.


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