Two years of madness

My little Elspeth, who really isn’t so little anymore, turns two today! It is an oddly anti-climatic day; everything is quite normal and we aren’t celebrating until tomorrow. I’m not even sure if we’ll be giving any presents today! Probably Aidan will twist my arm so she’ll get at least one of the two we bought her.

It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole two years – and hard to believe it’s only been two years! I find one of the oddest things about parenthood is the way time flows. It’s hard to remember a time before having a child, so it’s like I’ve always had one. But it also seems to have flown by so quickly! So many things have happened, so many milestones reached and passed – and so many yet to come!

I won’t post any pictures today, because I’m sure I’ll have an abundance of them tomorrow! We’re having a party with a clown and balloons and face painting!

3 thoughts on “Two years of madness

  1. Happy Birthday Elspeth. I hope you all have a great time celebrating today. Did you end up giving her a present yesterday?

  2. mcai7td3 says:

    Happy Birthday to Elspeth!! It does feel like there should be a big significant something on days like this doesn’t it? Hope she liked her prezzies.

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