Elspeth’s 2nd Birthday Party

This morning dawned bright and clear, despite a chilly night and frosted grass. The morning was filled with preparations, including a few last-minute, unforeseen things like needing to buy coffee. Balloons were tied all around our fences so we could be easily found, food was prepared, the outdoor table cleaned. Parents and in-laws all arrived early with some necessities such as chairs and extra food.

Then proper party time  rolled around, and people started showing up! I’d invited basically everyone I knew with children (because I like them, not just because they have kids), and happily almost everybody was able to come. The backyard, contrary to my expectation, was not at all too small, and everybody was able to mingle and play comfortably.

Noodles the Clown

Noodles the Clown

A little way into the party, as planned, Noodles the Clown turned up! I’d booked him for a Balloon & Face Painting Party, with some reservations – was two a bit young for a clown? But to my delight, Noodles was just fantastic. He was professional and capable and talented, and dealt well with the huge range of ages present – from the youngest at 10 months, to the oldest child in his early teens. I was very impressed! I really wanted Elspeth’s birthday (and all her birthdays) to be something special, because we don’t celebrate Christmas so she’ll really only get one big party each year.

Elspeth was pleased with her balloon flower:

Ellie's balloon flower

Elspeth's balloon flower

He also made a sword for young Ben, and a lot of balloon banjos which even the adults had fun with! He even tried a dolphin, upon request, which apparently was very difficult but it looked pretty good to me!

Elspeth didn’t want her face painted, but a lot of the other kids did, and Noodles didn’t seem to mind – he was very good about not pressuring her or making her feel uncomfortable.

No face painting, thank you!

No face painting for me!

I think I’m pretty safe in saying that a good time was had by all (except poor little Alexis who didn’t much like the balloons). But the afternoon wore on, as they tend to do, and children got tired and it began to get chilly, and people began to take their leave.

And so a lovely day came to an end, and lucky Elspeth gets a second slice of birthday cake for dessert!


2 thoughts on “Elspeth’s 2nd Birthday Party

  1. Kim says:

    Happy Birthday to Ellie!

  2. mcai7td3 says:

    That sounds like quite a talented clown, her flower looks about half the size of her!! 🙂 Party sounds fab too!!

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