Am I a “mummy blogger”?

The phrase “mummy bloggers” is thrown around by the media and in the blogosphere to represent a seemingly massive sub-community of bloggers: those of us who do it between nappy changes. It is a “movement”, a “group”, a “global trend”, but who are we really?

I find myself wondering this, because whilst technically I am a mummy blogger, I do not feel an overwhelming sense of connection or community. Obviously there are certain blogs, and bloggers, which I follow or take an interest in. Certain people I grow close to. But overall, I feel myself to be just one woman, blogging alone, with no real relevance to anything external. Am I missing out on something? Is there really a core group of powerhouse women becoming important on the social and political stage, while I stand on the fringes peering in?

So I’m interested to know, if you should happen to be another mummy blogger, how do you feel about this? Do you feel yourself to be part of a larger movement? Or is all that media hype only hype?



One thought on “Am I a “mummy blogger”?

  1. Caz Tweets says:

    Hi there, google alerts just popped up your blog so I’ve come across for a read. Interesting post. I too am a ‘mummy blogger’ . I started blogging to find my life again after having 3 girls. I love it and I love the community around it. I also love the fact that it does give us a bit of a voice as well. I don’t totally understand it by I know it’s all about synergy. All the mummy bloggers together do have powerful voice while one of us alone – not so much! I’m actually coming down to a blog conference at the end of the month in Melbourne. Looking forward to meeting many of the writer of blogs I’ve been reading for a long time! Anyhoo – goodluck. Caz

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