Feeling neglected

I feel unwanted and unloved lately. Not by my wonderful husband; even when he’s sick he does his best to support and assist me in all my huge pregnant glory.

No, it is our daughter who overlooks me!

Daddy is the favourite, recently. ‘Daddy?’ she says, upon waking up to find him absent. And I do mean upon waking up, it was literally the first thing she said this morning. And when daddy is home, she wants to cuddle him, she wants to show him things, she wants to talk to him. I am an after-thought! She even goes to sleep quicker and easier when he puts her to bed at night.

I wonder if Elspeth simply takes me for granted because I’m always there. I rarely leave her with Aidan, I haven’t hired a babysitter in over a year, and she just occasionally spends a few days with my parents – times when I’m sure she has too much fun to even notice my absence! Maybe she just needs to miss me for a while… Maybe I should put her into daycare, or make a point of going out alone more often! Forcing her to miss me so that I might feel more loved by her is morally and ethically fine, right???


4 thoughts on “Feeling neglected

  1. landivar@gmail.com says:

    This is one of the leading causes of divorces.

  2. […] response to yesterday’s blog post, Aidan – err, I mean, Elspeth – made this card for me while I was out […]

  3. jennyfranke says:

    I feel your pain. I am the mother of a daddy’s girl too. I try not to let it hurt my feelings. Plus I use it my advantage if she gets up at night…

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