Not quite as planned

Sometimes you wake up with an idea in your mind of what the day is going to be like. What you’re going to do, and when, and how. You plan around bus timetables, you make sure everybody involved is fed and clean and ready to go…

But life throws a spanner (or two) in the works, and you end up doing nothing like you planned!

Firstly, the weather today is not as nice as I had hoped. This is discouraging; it means I probably won’t take Elspeth to a playground like I wanted to. Also, my head was threatening to be dizzy if I did anything too strenuous, encouraging a day at home – or at least a morning. My head is always worst in the mornings.

And finally, Aidan is unwell and has come home from work a lot earlier than expected. Whilst this doesn’t exactly get in the way of my plans, it does mean another person to consider, and a sick person at that. He’ll want to rest, which means I should probably try to take Elspeth out at some point, somehow, somewhere!


What do you think?

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