I found another child I want to adopt…

Juliette Dunn, Connecticut Cocaine Woman

Juliette Dunn, Connecticut Cocaine Woman

A Connecticut woman has apparently been feeding her kids alcohol and cocaine. Her son is four, and her daughter just ten months old.

Ever since having a child of my own, I find that my nurturing instincts come to the fore whenever I see something like this. Regardless of practicalities, I just want to adopt all the abused and neglected babies of the world – even stone broke I could do a better job than their biological mothers!

Something I find tragic is that the world very often doesn’t find out about these babies until too late. There was the Korean couple who played games while their baby died. There was poor little Darcey Freeman, who was thrown from a bridge to her death. There are the countless babies of junkies, alcoholics, the mentally ill, who suffer through no fault of their own. I would take them all!

I have contemplated starting up some sort of orphanage/school/home for neglected or abused children. I fear it would take far more resources than I have available to me, and I’m quite sure it would be a process bogged down in beauraucracy and licencing requirements and so on. But it’s a nice dream!


What do you think?

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