Pleasantly bored!

I’ve just said goodbye to my parents, who took Elspeth with them as they left! Yes, that’s right, I’ve got another holiday. I don’t get my daughter back until Thursday.

So, I have the usual conundrum: I’m free, independent, and so on… but also bored. Nice though a break is, I’m used to being mummy all the time. So what do I do when that is taken away?

I think tomorrow I will go and have a haircut. I shaved my head in March 2010, and since then I’ve only had one small trim. Part of the reason for this is a reluctance to take a toddler with me while I get my hair cut – she would either be stuck in the pram and bored, or running around getting in everyone’s way. So this seems an excellent opportunity to get it done without her!

I think I shall also take the chance to play music loudly and dance around like a fool while Aidan is on night shift tonight.


What do you think?

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