Turn me into a teapot!

There are days when every little thing seems irritating. Days when, however irrational you know it to be, it just feels like the world is against you. Days when demands are made upon you and your time that you would rather not fulfil.

Today has been one of those days.

Nothing major has happened, there has been no catastrophe, and nothing really out of the ordinary. But Elspeth has been cranky and tired, she has deliberately misbehaved, and every tiny incident has played upon my nerves.

I’m now convinced that she’s not getting enough sleep. It is difficult to get her to nap in the proper bed, so she’s probably got a sleep debt dating back to the abolition of the cot. She has gone to bed very early tonight, and I hope that will help and make things a bit better tomorrow.

And so I beg of the world, just turn me into a teapot. All I desire is to be filled with tea! And possibly chocolate.


What do you think?

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