Pregnancy chronicles

My apologies in advance for complaining; this post is more for me to look back on later than for anybody else to particularly enjoy.

I’ve been feeling very sick for the last few days. Constantly. I’m having trouble eating and keeping anything down. Moving around at all stirs things up and makes me want to puke even more. I’ve also got shitty diarrhoea, if you’re interested, and that pun was totally intended. I lived mostly on liquids yesterday – hot chocolates and strawberry milk and a little bit of tea – and I think today will be more of the same, even though so far I haven’t vomited up my cereal.

I’m actually wondering if the dramatically increased illness, along with the runs and a couple of other things, might be a sign of impending labour. I don’t know whether to hope for that or not; if born now at 33 weeks + 4 days, Evelyn’s chances of survival are extremely high, but she would almost certainly require some special care and extra time in hospital. On the other hand, she’d be out of my belly and not making me feel like crap!

However, chances are nothing is going to happen any time soon, and the next 6 weeks is going to be filled with discomfort and misery. It’s so close, but it seems so long!

One thought on “Pregnancy chronicles

  1. Althea Tsang says:

    *hugs* but not to the point where you spew everywhere 🙂

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