How embarrassment!

Today is Aidan’s birthday, and he decided that he wanted to go out to a nice cafe for morning coffee. So we went to a shopping centre (it being all rainy and cold), found a nice cafe, and had stuff. Then, of course, since we were out, we had a bit more of a wander and a shop, and then finally decided to do a little bit of grocery shopping.

It was whilst in Coles that embarrassment struck.

After nearly two hours of standing and walking, I was overcome with dizziness and shortness of breath. I had to sit down. No big deal, right? I’m five weeks from my due date, it’s only natural, right?

In the five minutes that I sat in the corner, I had three Coles staff members approach me to ask if I needed assistance. I was informed that their health and safety person knew about me, and to tell them if I needed anything further like first aid treatment or an ambulance. A random shopper (who said she was a midwife) asked if she could do anything for me.

It’s all very nice, very considerate of everyone to try to help.

But it’s so embarrassing!

I knew perfectly well that a little sit-down would see me right, and I told them all that. But still the fuss, the repeated reminders to ask for help, and generally making me feel like a nuisance! Why do these things always happen in public?!


2 thoughts on “How embarrassment!

  1. Christie Harris says:

    Ah, at least people care!

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