A rather lovely few days

My apologies for neglecting the blogosphere for a few days. I have been, at various times, busy, lazy, and away.

We spent the weekend down on the Mornington Peninsula, staying with Aidan’s parents. It turned out to be the perfect weekend for it, with the bright sunshine and temperatures higher than I can recall for a while. We took Elspeth to the beach, which we haven’t done for quite a while! I still remember the first time she saw the ocean, and she was not very impressed… but this time, we had the very devil of a time dragging her away from it! She had a fantastic time, despite a bit of a chilly wind. I hope we can spend more time down there this spring and summer.


Today Elspeth and I have been home, back to normal boring old routine – except that the weather is still divine! We spent most of today outside, which is something we haven’t been able to do through the cold wet winter. I took her to the playground across the road this morning, and the weather brought all the neighbourhood kids out to play too. We made a few ‘friends’, including a fluffy little dog who seemed quite taken with Elspeth!


One thought on “A rather lovely few days

  1. Chris Cariou says:

    Sorry, Stace, for possibly screwing things up, but this is all rather foreign to me. Elly and you and Aidan will be able to look back on this blog and reminisce about things.

    But it won’t be some old, torn thing. The pix look great!

    Take it easy!


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