A new baby!

Many of my readers will already be aware, but many will not, so here goes:

Evelyn Lily was born on Tuesday 27th September, at 7.28am. She weighed 3.86kg, and was 51.5cm long at birth. Labour was a 6 hour slog.

In a way, going into this, I sort of thought I knew it all – after all, I’d already had one baby. I knew how things were meant to go! But this birth was so utterly different from Elspeth’s. Evelyn was raring to go, she didn’t need to be forcibly pulled out like her big sister! And so, no epidural – I actually felt it this time. I won’t go into detail, but it was a trifle bizarre!

Excessive appreciation goes out to my parents, who took Elspeth to their house on Friday in preparation for this whole thing. Also Aidan’s parents, who looked after her at our house last night and this morning.

And now the whole family of four is back at home, with all visitors gone. We shall attempt to settle into some sort of routine or rhythm with a two year old and a newborn.


My due date has come and gone. It’s now too late to be early, or even on time. Evelyn is officially late.

I’ve had a few of the supposed signs that labour is very near… you may wish to stop reading if you are of a queasy disposition…

I’ve had cramps and pain in the groin area. I’ve had the odd isolated strong contraction or Braxton Hicks, and lots of little ones. I’ve passed my mucus plug. The baby is sitting very low, with her head down, in a good position for birthing.

Everything, in short, is ready to go – but she isn’t going!

I’m feeling frustrated and disappointed and bored. Also helpless. Restless, despite my tiredness. I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what will help pass the time. I’m a big bundle of meh.

An award? Moi?!

I am, according to Puns Probably Intended, worthy of a Versatile Blogger award! How lovely, and thank you!

My duties, upon receiving this much-coveted honour, are as follows:

1) Thank the awarder by linking back to their blog;

2) Pass on this award to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know I have done so;

3) List 7 things about myself.

Now I must be perfectly frank and say that I don’t actually seek out new blogs all that frequently, and I doubt I can list 15… however, I will do my best to acknowledge the blogs that I have lately discovered and enjoyed.

1 – Expat Baby Adventures

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5 – Snippets from Spaceship Orion, Again

6 – Thursday’s Child

7 – Benjamin Grant Mitchell

8 – McBlog 2.0

Ok, so I’m a few short of 15, but we’ll say the quality of these blogs makes up for the lack of quantity!

Now, for some reason, I need to tell you 7 things about myself. Here goes…

1) I was due to have a baby today, but I’m still bloody pregnant.

2) I’m well into adulthood but still can’t drive a car.

3) I check Failbook daily, mostly to make sure I’m not on it.

4) I like Winnie the Pooh, but there is a moment in one of the stories (A Disney one, not a Milne original) that gives me the shits – Piglet gives up his house to Owl for no apparent reason.

5) I’m still not in labour.

6) I am always over-prepared and early for everything.

7) Still no baby…


Bizarre mental acrobatics

In the last few weeks my head and body have been playing tricks on me. For a while, recently, I wondered if I had actually missed all the signs of labour and thought I might end up accidentally pushing this baby out while on the toilet or something.

And now I’m having trouble even remembering or grasping that I am actually pregnant. I guess because the way I feel has become normality… but I just can’t wrap my head around it right now. I have to keep reminding myself of ultrasounds and hearing Evelyn’s heartbeat and that one time I was slim.

Today is going by so very slowly. I’m bored.

Treasured possessions

I was recently asked what my most treasured possession is, or what I would take from a burning house. It’s an old question, and the answer often says something about the speaker.

However, some serious consideration and a search of my house revealed nothing.

I own no family heirlooms, nothing particularly expensive, and nothing with much emotional value to me. Everything in my house is replaceable, with the obvious exception of my family (although I don’t think you’re meant to include people in the answer). Sure, it might be a pain, a nuisance, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

So my answer? The only thing I’d be desperate to take from my burning house would be my phone. And that is not for the value of the phone itself, but simply so that I could let my loved ones know that I’m ok, and to contact people like banks and insurance companies and Centrelink and anybody else who might need to know what had happened.

That’s it. Just my phone. And for the most practical of reasons. How dull.

How about you? What would you take?

Two more babies I’d have happily adopted…


This is Lindsay Lowe. She is charged with giving birth to twins and murdering both immediately. Apparently she hid the pregnancy from family and friends, never saw a doctor, and smothered both newborn boys within moments of their birth.

What the hell is wrong with people? Was this woman unaware of alternatives? If you find yourself pregnant accidentally and will not or cannot raise a child yourself:

a) take a “morning after” pill

b) have an abortion

c) have the child or children adopted.

Those concepts aren’t too difficult to grasp, are they? Didn’t she see Juno?

I can’t help wondering if Catholicism has something to do with this. Because we all know that killing a foetus is so evil and wrong (nb: I’m an Atheist and don’t actually believe that), but the murder of a person after their birth gets less public debate, so maybe it doesn’t seem so bad to some people?!

I simply can’t think of any other rationale for the way this woman has behaved. What possible reason can you have for this sort of decision? What was going on in her head? To be sure, it’s easy to panic and not think clearly at first, but you’ve got 40 weeks to figure it out! That’s nearly a year. Trust me, I know. It’s a long time to consider what to do with the babies.

I won’t wish unjust or overly severe punishments upon this woman. Clearly she’s already broken, and no doubt her censure will be universal already. But if I could change the past, I’d have called her a month ago and offered to take those babies for her.

Ten days left, but who’s counting?

Things are dire when throwing up is so common as to go completely unremarked by your significant other. But I guess that’s pregnancy.

We saw a midwife today, another quick and simple routine appointment. Little Evelyn is lying in a perfect birthing position, and everything is fine. I’m good to go, any time now. “Have sex!” the midwife whispered mischievously as we left. “Nipple stimulation!” Why did I have to bring Aidan to this appointment? The midwife agreed, almost as an afterthought, that maybe hot foods could do the trick, so we’re wolfing down a curry tonight for dinner. The other suggestions are unlikely to be followed!