Sick of sickness

I don’t remember if I’ve already blogged this, but I’ve had quite a nasty cold for a few days now. Well, I think it’s quite nasty; it’s entirely possible that it simply feels worse for me because of my simultaneous state of heavy pregnancy. It’s probably just a normal cold, really. And I’m on the mend now, I think.

Either way, my poor little Elspeth has also just come down with it, or so it seems! I was boasting to my mother just yesterday about how healthy she always is, how rarely she gets sick, and then just a few short hours later she started throwing up! She has become tired, needing more sleep, she isn’t hungry, but she’s very cuddly as though being close to mummy or daddy will make her feel better.

My own attitude to sick or injured children makes this relatively easy to bear. Whilst I have no sympathy with a deliberately-misbehaving child, I have all the time and patience in the world for one who is suffering. I don’t mind being vomited on, changing her clothes, being woken several times a night… whatever it might take to make my baby feel better! Of course, it helps that Aidan has today off work, so he can help out too. Elspeth does love her daddy!

So today, apart from an appointment with a midwife later, is set aside for snuggles and vomit. A quiet day of nursing.


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