Speed cameras

Every time speed cameras take a starring role in public debate, somebody (usually a great many somebodies) throws in the phrase ‘revenue raising’, often in relation to the placement of speed cameras but also their very existence and use. It is an attitude which never ceases to irritate me.

Speed cameras do no more than catch and fine people who are speeding. That is to say, you have to be breaking the law already for them to effect you in any way. It doesn’t matter where they are, everywhere has a speed limit in place which you should be adhering to. Whilst I don’t always feel that speed limits are appropriate, I more strongly object to people deliberately disobeying them and then complaining of the consequences.

By all means, pick and choose which laws you obey. But in doing so, you also pick and choose the results and punishments. Making the choice to speed is more than simply driving faster than mandated: it includes the choice to endanger yourself and others, and the choice to be fined or even imprisoned for it. The possible, and even probable, consequences of that act are hardly a secret.

In short, do not blame the speed cameras for your own illegal activity. Take responsibility for your actions. Drive slower, and you’ll never have to pay a fine again!


3 thoughts on “Speed cameras

  1. Chris Cariou says:

    Yeah! Don’t shoot the messenger! YOU were speeding! The only thing I don’t like is those cameras take cop jobs!

  2. today, I was doing 40, in the school zone during school time. As soon as the derestriction sign came into view, the person who had been right up behind me the whole time, overtook me (in the left lane) and looked at me like “what the hell are you doing?” People do it all the time. It drive me absolutely insane.

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