Ten days left, but who’s counting?

Things are dire when throwing up is so common as to go completely unremarked by your significant other. But I guess that’s pregnancy.

We saw a midwife today, another quick and simple routine appointment. Little Evelyn is lying in a perfect birthing position, and everything is fine. I’m good to go, any time now. “Have sex!” the midwife whispered mischievously as we left. “Nipple stimulation!” Why did I have to bring Aidan to this appointment? The midwife agreed, almost as an afterthought, that maybe hot foods could do the trick, so we’re wolfing down a curry tonight for dinner. The other suggestions are unlikely to be followed!

One thought on “Ten days left, but who’s counting?

  1. Donn Coppens says:

    Hahaha brill…poor Aidan..what is heard cannot be UN-heard. 🙂
    I’m delighted to find your creative outlet.

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