Two more babies I’d have happily adopted…


This is Lindsay Lowe. She is charged with giving birth to twins and murdering both immediately. Apparently she hid the pregnancy from family and friends, never saw a doctor, and smothered both newborn boys within moments of their birth.

What the hell is wrong with people? Was this woman unaware of alternatives? If you find yourself pregnant accidentally and will not or cannot raise a child yourself:

a) take a “morning after” pill

b) have an abortion

c) have the child or children adopted.

Those concepts aren’t too difficult to grasp, are they? Didn’t she see Juno?

I can’t help wondering if Catholicism has something to do with this. Because we all know that killing a foetus is so evil and wrong (nb: I’m an Atheist and don’t actually believe that), but the murder of a person after their birth gets less public debate, so maybe it doesn’t seem so bad to some people?!

I simply can’t think of any other rationale for the way this woman has behaved. What possible reason can you have for this sort of decision? What was going on in her head? To be sure, it’s easy to panic and not think clearly at first, but you’ve got 40 weeks to figure it out! That’s nearly a year. Trust me, I know. It’s a long time to consider what to do with the babies.

I won’t wish unjust or overly severe punishments upon this woman. Clearly she’s already broken, and no doubt her censure will be universal already. But if I could change the past, I’d have called her a month ago and offered to take those babies for her.


2 thoughts on “Two more babies I’d have happily adopted…

  1. Chris Cariou says:

    She is, truly, an airhead. I agree, she deserves our sympathy. But the unborn fetus deserves our sympathy more. The female has shown she is unfit to be a mother.

    Yet she chose to do this, knowing a pregnancy could result. She should have her tubes tied by the state. No doubt, the taxpayers are paying, literally, for her stupidity.

    Forget about free choice. She has already proven she is incapable of making such decisions. We keep thinking such people will be reformed or taught a lesson.

    They never seem to be.

  2. What baffles me even more is that she admits covering the first baby’s mouth with her hand until it was smothered, then repeating that act on the second child immediately following delivery. It’s bad enough to be capable of that even once, but twice is beyond comprehension. My mother pointed out an interesting observation: there are always mentions of Lindsay’s father, but never a mention of a mother.

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