Lacking creativity

In weeks, months, and years gone by, I’ve tried my hand at various crafty or creative things. I’ve scrapbooked, I’ve photographed, I’ve done NaNoWriMo (several times), I’ve even tried needlepoint – which I found rather boring, to be honest! I’m a creator on the Discworld MUD (my only current creative project). And obviously I’ve blogged.

But as time goes by, and children enter the equation, creative energy has become limited. I want to do more scrapbooking and writing, I would really love that. I want to do NaNoWriMo again this year. I want Evelyn to grow up and see her own life celebrated in scrapbooks as well as her older sister’s! But I feel that these things require more time and effort than I can really spare to invest. They require the re-engagement of my imagination, which is currently limited to thinking up new ways to get my family fed!

I begin to wonder about my priorities. It is clear that my family, my children, must come first… but where do I draw the line, when is enough simply enough? When do I get to follow my own interests, free from distraction or guilt? And how important does something have to be before I feel justified in trying?

Ultimately responsibility lies with myself. If I feel the need, I must put aside the time and make the effort to create something. I think, right now, I shall organise to have some digital photos printed out nicely to scrapbook! Wish me luck.


10 thoughts on “Lacking creativity

  1. Melissa says:

    I completely understand. I don’t know how old your kids are, mine are 7 & 9 now and are more self sufficient. I’m finding the creativity and imagination coming back & I’m able to write again – after way too long!! Though the scrapbooking is still gathering dust!

  2. I totally get what you mean. I blog and I’ve scrapbooked too but I really get caught in a rut and can’t get inspired either. My kids are 11,5 & 15months old. I started scrapbooking when pregnant with my 5 year old who then subsequently arrived 3months premature and really I’ve only just done a few pages since. When I was scrapbooking constantly I use to go to a store and participate and I found this fun and inspiring. Since then I’ve not found another store that I have enjoyed and now with the kids they don’t often allow you to take them and finding the time to go without them is hard. I really want to get back into it as well and if you would like an online buddy I would definatly like to encourage each other to scrapbook again.

  3. amysworlds says:

    Maybe you could find a locall scrabooking club and arrange with Aiden/get a babysitter and just go there once a week? Ilike going to clubs as it usually helps me get new ideas and enthusiasm…

  4. Chris Cariou says:

    Make a certain day all about you. Get $200 or $300 or $400 or a similar amount from the bank. Arrange in advance with Aidan. That day, he is off and COMPLETELY takes care of the kids. Go out and splurge on yourself. Spend on whatever you want to spend on. Go crazy. Arrange, if you want, with friends. So THEY can splurge and just smile with you and for 1 day, at least, be free. Have supper together. Go out dancing or to a movie. Stay out late.

  5. Expat Mammy says:

    Good luck babe, you need spme time to yourself, I find im up blogging til midnight sometimes as I have no other time.x

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