The future

In the past, I’ve held various positions in customer service and administration. I’ve never completed a degree or any other post-highschool qualification. I left a casual position to have children; no maternity leave was available, and we’ve moved, so I have no job to go back to.

And so I consider my future.

Part of me can’t help but feel it’s too late to start a new venture. At the age of 28, with two young children, can one really get into uni, complete a degree, and embark on a new career? On the other hand, the longer I don’t do that, the more I may regret it, and the harder it will seem to be.

I am also plagued with uncertainty and doubt. What if I choose an area of study and turn out not to like it or not be good at it? Or if I’m just lazy and unmotivated? Aren’t I getting too old and too settled (married with kids) to risk mind-changes and failure?

But I guess one of the most important things to consider is: Are the above issues sufficient reason not to try? Will I turn 50 and hate myself for not even giving things a shot? I don’t think I want to be a 50 year old who never really achieved anything or did anything interesting in the way of study and career, and never even tried to.

So what would be worse? Deciding on something and turning out to be bad at it/apathetic/dislike it? Or making no decision at all, taking the path of least resistance, and ending up back in customer service?

7 thoughts on “The future

  1. Chris Cariou says:

    You haven’t said whether you and Aidan can AFFORD for you not to work or whether that’s even an option for you. Depending on the answer to that, there IS a lot to be said for the stay-at-home mom. But there ALSO is a lot to be said for the Mom going out and doing what she wants to do professionally. Both me and my now ex-wife worked, and our kids didn’t suffer too much. It worked. I think, if Aidan has an opinion, it should be heeded. It should be considered, at least. Personally, my opinion is that you should consider working. The kids will be fine. But most importantly, what do YOU think? As I recall, you had a clerical job before. Is that what you’d do again? Do you have ANY training or experience, besides that? Some clerical job, it seems, would be in your comfort zone and it would be Mon-Fri.

    • stace8383 says:

      Chris, I haven’t worked for over two years now, and we’re doing ok… and hopefully after gaining a qualification, I could re-enter the workforce and earn a lot more than I used to, so the long-term payoff might be worth it!

  2. Dorothy says:

    I am 43. I had to start my live all over again around 3 years ago. It wasn’t my choice, but as a result I am now choosing what I like to do, what makes me happy. It is never too late. Follow your heart…

  3. Melissa says:

    Don’t stress too much about it. I went back to work this year after a break of nearly 9 years! I don’t have a degree, but I did have a business in that time. With studying, you could always try doing something part time, a subject at a time to ease yourself in, and there are options for paying. I was looking at going back to study this year, but got a job instead 🙂 There are heaps of options out there, especially for Mums wanting to get back to the work force.

  4. Alison says:

    It’s never to late to go back to school. Try looking into online university programs near you. The college I went to had a few degrees that you could do completely online. For all the other degrees, you could take a good number of classes online and only have to come to campus for a few classes. Online classes might work best for you since your kids are still young.

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