Increasing the exercise

Not so very long ago our routine consisted of boxing and skipping. Pretty simple! But today, Aidan redoubled his attempts to kill me.

Today we boxed, we sat-up (with 7kg medicine ball), we pushed-up, we burpeed (with medicine ball), we lifted weights, and we did something I don’t know the name of but it hurt.

I complain, but mostly in jest. It actually feels really good. I feel like I’m achieving something, right up until I come inside and eat chocolate. (Time of month, I’m allowed, yes?) I’m cautiously optimistic about increasing the time and intensity of the workout over time, and eventually being able to call myself… FIT!


2 thoughts on “Increasing the exercise

  1. Chris Cariou says:

    With all due respect, your husband is a smart man. And you are a smart woman. It is like telling Aidan not to drink beer. Or not drink Coke. Whether we like it or not, women have babies and gain weight. It’s just the way things are. If they don’t exercise, they REALLY gain weight. Don’t blame me, I’m just sayin’. Men gain weight and become big bowls of jelly. Again, unless they exercise or don’t avoid getting into that TV-watching thing, they too will put on weight. Just not as readily as women. Women, I’m sure, have more body weight that will be converted to fat than men do, I think. Working yourself like that will keep you younger, physically, for longer — for your kids, for Aidan, but most importantly for yourself.

  2. Paul says:

    Chocolate contains essential vi…min…f…somethings that you need to replenish after such heavy exercise.

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