Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! (Turn and face the strain…)

Life is a series of changes, nothing ever remains the same for long – just look at Facebook. But some periods seem more turbulent than others, some times present more choices and options, decisions to make, changes to catalyse yourself. For me, this is such a time.

I have finally taken steps towards learning to drive properly. Over the years I have held various learner permits, and driven various vehicles, but I was more proficient on my scooter than anything else. However a scooter is obviously impractical now that I have children, and it is past time I figured out this car-driving thing. I haven’t driven a car in many years, and my permit has long-since expired, so on Thursday I will be re-sitting the test to get a new permit. The following week I will hopefully be having several professional lessons and getting some practice in with my parents. It won’t be too long, I hope, before I get my P plates and can drive alone!

The other big change possibly looming is a renewal of my interest in archaeology. It is a field I have often thought of briefly, but never saw as a viable study/career option – mostly because it seems so pretentious, so ridiculous, to say out loud: “I want to be an archaeologist!” However now I think, “Why the heck not?” I can at least give it a shot, right?

So I’ve enrolled with Open University Australia again to do a single unit on the subject, specifically focussed on Israel – because that is what they’ve got available, that is not a specific interest of my own. That starts at the end of this month. I suppose after I finish the unit, I will re-evaluate my interests and capabilities, and that will be the basis of a later decision on whether to pursue archaeology as a degree and career.

La Trobe University offer a Bachelor of Archaeology, and also offer “short courses” (single units) from the bachelor. The only issue I see with that is the need for childcare; both the bachelor and the short courses require attendance on campus and can’t be done online. Evelyn is only seven weeks old now; even if I enrolled in the bachelor from semester two next year she would still be less than a year old. It’s a little sooner than I had wanted to put her into full-time childcare; I’d hoped to be home with my kids for as long as possible. On the other hand, if I waited an extra year, would my enthusiasm have waned during the down-time? It’s something to think about. Perhaps a couple of short courses or online units will keep my interest up and give me the chance of RPL (recognition of prior learning) later on, whilst also allowing me to stay home with the kids just a little bit longer.

My usual advice to friends pondering whether or not to do something is simple: Do it! The reason behind this is, you usually risk little or nothing by trying something. But if you never even try, you’ll never know what might have happened. The only hard part is taking my own advice!


6 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! (Turn and face the strain…)

  1. Kez says:

    I think you should go for it – the driving and the archaeology thing πŸ™‚
    It might take longer to get where you want to go but it’s definitely worth it to pursue your interests – nothing pretentious about feeling out a dream!

  2. Chris Cariou says:

    I think that ideally for your kids, it would be great to have you home. On the other hand, the most important thing, even to the kids and to Aidan, long-term, is that you are happy. It WILL be tiring. You will have to be everything. There is no doubt in my mind that you will do what is right for all four of you. I think your plan is smart. I would recommend childcare. Kids are more resilient than we think. My kids went to day-care as young kids because both I and my now ex wanted work careers. It did not kill them. They love me; I love them. If anything, they will learn better to associate with other kids and develop strategies to deal with people. Those skills will carry on with them into adult life. The key thing is quality time WITH them. If there is that, they don’t care.

  3. MissieK says:

    All the best with your driving test.

    With Open University, are you able to transfer your credits to the bachelor down the track? That way you could start slowly and go on campus when you’re ready… then again, childcare for the couple of hours for a lecture might be a compromise for all of you πŸ™‚ All the best sorting it out.

  4. Paul says:

    I’m in the same boat (car?) re: driving lessons, just started some instruction and hopefully will be able to get my full licence soon (if I don’t run out of money to pay for lessons). Something I neglected to get done back in Australia and I regret now!

    Re: archaeology, I think the short courses sound excellent. I’m not so convinced about a degree course unless you’re absolutely positive you want to pursue it as a career, mainly because of the family aspect. I’m a strong proponent of having at least one parent at home as much as possible.

    There’s also the question of practical experience — assuming degree courses there have some requirement (and if they don’t then it’s not a good stepping stone for a career!). Unless you’re really into Aboriginal archaeology there’s going to be international travel involved: more family life disruption, most likely for weeks at a stretch.

    Sorry to be negative!

    • stace8383 says:

      That’s not negative, it’s realistic, and I appreciate it. Pursuing it as a career is something I’m still undecided on, although I think it would be amazing to do so. You’re right about the family aspect, and the travel… there are pros and cons to everything! It’s a matter of weighing them up… hehe

  5. Expat Mammy says:

    you’ve been busy, good luck

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