Following the rules with good reason

The world we live in is filled with rules: formal and informal, written laws and unspoken understandings. I understand that, for the greater part, these rules exist for a purpose. That purpose is to ensure that people can coexist in relative safety and harmony. As such, I endeavour to live within the rules, or to break them only in a considered and rational manner.

What boggles my brain is the number of people who do not seem to comprehend the purpose of the rules, and who accordingly break them willy-nilly. Few seem to comprehend the danger and inconvenience they cause by doing so.

Probably the set of rules I most frequently see broken unthinkingly is the Australian National Road Rules. Believe it or not, those rules do not exist to vex you. They exist to ensure that everybody is driving (and riding and walking) in a safe and predictable fashion. And really, when you’re dealing with millions of large, fast machines filled with highly flammable material, isn’t that what you want?


I walked away and left this blog post for several hours and lost my train of thought. But you get the idea. Obey the rules, dammit, or I’ll break one by breaking your neck!

One thought on “Following the rules with good reason

  1. Expat Mammy says:

    did you get the award I tagged you in???

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