Not again, Kyle… really??

First of all, I want to make it clear that I do not, and will never, watch or listen to anything featuring Kyle Sandilands or Jackie O.

But I can’t escape all the news reports about him and the things he says and does.

I want the world to know I’m sick of it. I’m sick of him. I think he’s a vile individual. It only makes it worse to know that he does these things primarily for the ratings spike a controversy always brings. I can’t even tell myself he’s simply being honest and utilising his freedom of expression; no, he’s just being a jerk for the sake of his show(s) and his income and his reputation as a “shock jock.” Somehow that’s worse.

Jackie O isn’t much better. She never does or says anything outrageous, but she sits by her co-host and does nothing to curb his behaviour or moderate his statements. By saying nothing, and continuing to work with him, she tacitly approves his behaviour, agrees with him, and makes herself just as loathsome as he.

I’m putting the call out. Don’t bother boycotting the companies that sponsor his shows; they’re businesses, and businesses need to put their brand out there to be seen and recognised and remembered. Sponsoring something isn’t necessarily a statement that they uphold the same values; it’s just an advertising move.

Instead, boycott Kyle himself. Any radio show, any TV show, any event in which he plays any part – ignore it! Don’t tune in to find out what horrible thing he’s going to say next. If nobody pays him any attention and his ratings drop, maybe his shows will be cancelled. Then we’ll never have to hear about him again, never have to see his face, never have to despair quite so much for the intelligence and compassion of the human race.

I just want to add that the journalist he called ‘fat’ looks quite average-sized to me… perhaps even slimmer than Kyle himself.


2 thoughts on “Not again, Kyle… really??

  1. Paul says:

    Kyle who? I have noooo idea who that is, and apparently I’m glad. 😀

  2. It’s really refreshing to find someone else who believes we shouldn’t be jumping up and down, demanding that the sponsors pull their advertising 🙂 They are the wrong targets.

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