Driving myself around the bend

Despite being 28, and having two children, and generally being an accomplished and rounded human being, there is one thing I have never bothered with.


I’ve never really had a pressing need to drive; public transport, friends, and parents have served me well over the years. However, I acknowledge that having kids means needing to drive them to daycare, school, and extracurricular activities. And so, I am learning to drive.

I don’t really want to drive, and I don’t really like to drive, but I have to drive, and so I am. I’ve had a professional lesson each day this week, plus some practice with dad, and I’m improving each day. I’m feeling more confident, and driving more consistently.

However I feel within myself that I’ll never be a happy driver, never one of those easy-going folk with one hand on the wheel and the other flopping around casually. It will never be second-nature to me to hop in a car and drive, always something to think about deliberately, something to be careful and cautious with.

And I’m not sure I’ll ever want to drive a manual, despite owning one!


6 thoughts on “Driving myself around the bend

  1. Paul says:

    It will become second nature if you do it enough, even if you’re not a “happy driver” — but I hope you do always remain careful and cautious about it…

    I’m in much the same boat, except that it’s not kids — a licence is pretty much required for any job in archaeology. I do have the advantage of having ridden a motorbike for years so I’m used to being on the road and traffic etc. Still, I’m not going to be owning a car any time soon…

    • stace8383 says:

      I rode a scooter for a while; in terms of road rules and expecting other drivers to be idiots, I’m good. It’s really just control of a larger vehicle, I guess. Oh well; like you said… practice! hehe

  2. Chris Cariou says:

    If I may say so, you’re talking yourself OUT OF driving. You’ve convinced yourself of its horrid side, and it’s like if you DON’T want it to come true, it won’t. Be practical. You’ve just said that because you’ve got two young kids, you HAVE to drive. When Aidan’s working or otherwise preoccupied, and one of the kids has a dancing lesson or somesuch, who’s got to take them? You. When I had two young kids, either me or my then wife were on the go ALL the time driving our two kids to this or that or otherwise busy using the car. It is just a fact of life. Unfortunately, driving has become just one of those necessities.

  3. Expat Mammy says:

    you’ll be fine when your driving hun

  4. Andrew says:

    If you drive with one hand on the wheel, I won’t ask for a lift. It is good to be cautious, makes it easier to stay away from bad drivers and let people in in front of you.

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