I’m done for the year!

A couple of years ago Aidan and I made the decision not to celebrate Christmas anymore. Nothing it symbolises means much to us.

  • The initial pagan connotations? Nope; we’re not pagans.
  • The Christian connotations? Nope; we’re not Christians.
  • The consumerism? Nope; we’re not that focussed on belongings.
  • The loving and caring spirit? Nope; hopefully our loved ones know they are loved all year round, and I will give to charity whenever I want to and can afford to.

However, as our family grows, we realise that our children will be going to school one day and hearing everyone else talk about their fantastic Christmas and seeing all the other kids showing off their gifts. It seems unfair and cruel to make them sit through all that and not have anything to say about their own summer holidays. Why should they suffer for their parents’ choice?

So we decided this year, and hopefully each year from now on, to celebrate the Summer Solstice instead. It was just a barbecue with friends and our parents. No gifts, except from our parents to the kids – how can you deny grandparents the pleasure of spoiling their grandchildren? No fuss, and no C-word.

It went very well. Everybody seemed to have fun, and we had minimal injuries and breakages. (Some are expected, of course, when you’ve got a bunch of children running around!)

So roll on next year! Same again, everyone?


3 thoughts on “I’m done for the year!

  1. Cazzie says:

    We are in! We loved the idea. I agree, everyone is loved and cared for all the time, not just at this time of the year πŸ™‚

  2. Paul says:

    Happy Christmas!


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