Debunking Christmas

It is not Jesus’ birthday; that was probably in September.
There is no Santa; it’s your parents.
The suicide rate increases over this period each year.
There is no such thing as a miracle.
Not everybody celebrates Christmas, for a variety of reasons.
People feel more stress and guilt than joy and goodwill.
It might be a time of peace, but we’ll be at war again tomorrow.

Stop lying to children. They deserve better.


3 thoughts on “Debunking Christmas

  1. Paul says:

    “There is no such thing as a miracle.”

    What about your two little ones? :O

  2. We celebrated Christmas but there was no Santa. Just a $15 tree with lights from Thailand (not traditional Chrissy ones but very cool—they looked like lit up acorns) and pressies for all underneath.

    But like you I’m all for telling children the truth.

    Good on ya!


    PS. Summer solstice sounds like a great idea too. Very Tao!

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