A little understanding in 2012

Special pleading. That’s what it’s called when you allow yourself certain behaviours that you don’t accept in others. It’s when you know you can justify doing something wrong or bad or rude, but nobody else can.

It’s when you take the very last biscuit. Because you know you missed lunch because of that important meeting and you’re starving. And that’s fine. But if somebody else takes that very last biscuit, they’re just a greedy cow.

It’s when you glare at somebody. Because you didn’t even really see them there, your mind was miles away, thinking of something awful. And that’s fine. But if somebody else glares at you, they’re just a horrible person and what the fuck is their problem?

Think about your own daily experiences. What was the last rude or inconvenient thing that you blamed on somebody? Who did you mentally call stupid or a bitch?

My challenge to the human race for 2012 is to try to place yourself in others’ shoes. Don’t assume everyone else is rude and stupid and unhelpful. Any time you are tempted to do so, try to think of three possible reasons that person might have acted as they did. Maybe their dad just died. Maybe they mis-heard what you said. Maybe the training for their job simply didn’t include the answer to your question. Whatever.

A little understanding, people. A little empathy, a little sympathy. A little patience, a little imagination.

It isn’t hard.


2 thoughts on “A little understanding in 2012

  1. Kez says:

    Great post! I try to catch myself making excuses that I wouldn’t take from other people – it’s something I’ve become aware of lately!
    The world will be a better place if we have some compassion and ask ourselves, “What if that was me?”

  2. Chris Cariou says:

    I’m not sure I agree with all your logic. But I certainly agree that we can all do a better job of trying to get along. If we had a lot more of that empathetic feeling, we’d be better off.

    It’s all about understanding and adapting to the notion that you know what? People ARE different.

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