Wine what?

This is a screenshot of an ad I saw on Facebook today. It made me boggle. It also reminded me that I have a ‘Badd Inglish’ category on this blog, and I’m not afraid to use it!

Don’t let my wine what?

Why is that second sentence a question?

Why store my wine anywhere that isn’t my stomach?

I’m so confused.


3 thoughts on “Wine what?

  1. Chris Cariou says:

    Bad Inglishh IS annoying. I shudder when I see such things. But I try to remember it’s not really their fault. It’s their parents’ faults. They tolerated this non-learning of the basic rules of spelling and grammar and their offspring unfortunately are stuck with it. They are likely good people who haven’t been tot properly. LOL.

  2. Andrew says:

    You could store wine in the stomachs of family members and some visitors. Do the words members and visitors need apostrophes?

  3. Kez says:

    Badd Inglish in advertising is just Badd Bizness! Annoys me every time! I judge companies based on whether they use the right grammar or spelling. If not, they’re not getting my money or time! Seriously, if you don’t have time to edit your ads or proofread a description, then there’s not much chance you’re going to provide a great service!

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