People food, not possum food

Evelyn is now four months old, and wanting to explore the world with all her senses. That includes, apparently, chewing (or rather, gumming) on my hand and arm. Oh my god, so much drool.

Anyway, we’ve also started her on solid foods. At this stage, solids are really just learning and experimenting, finding out about new tastes and textures. So far she’s tried rice cereal, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, pear, apple, and mango. They all seem reasonably tolerable to her, except carrot! I may not have mashed it up enough. However, for now, all her nutritional needs are still being met by milk. As time goes by, the amount of solid food will gradually increase.

I want to put something on record here, and I want any/all of my readers to slap my wrist firmly should I ever go against this:

I am going to prepare as much as possible of Evelyn’s food myself. Obviously there may be times, such as during extended travel, when a store-bought jar will be much more convenient, and then I may break my rule. But for the most part, I want Evelyn to have the tastes and textures that I make for her myself.

One of my big regrets now, looking back on how I raised Elspeth, was that I fed her primarily jars of baby/toddler food. This severely limited the variety of foods she was exposed to, and accustomed her to certain textures that I couldn’t replicate at home. Even now, at two and a half, she’s a fussy eater and a pain to feed. I blame myself. I won’t do the same to Evelyn.

To be fair to myself, I did have a reason to do what I did. At the time, I really had no idea what to feed a baby. Which foods, prepared how? I was clueless. So I took the easy way out. But not this time! This time I am Super-Mum. Or something.

And so it is with some slight trepidation that I embark upon the adventure that is solid foods – for the second time!

6 thoughts on “People food, not possum food

  1. Kez says:

    Haha the gumming and drooling has just started with my 3 month old Little Mister the last couple of days! It gets messy! I think about when I’ll introduce solids and I hope I can make fresh foods (might wrangle a new food processor out of it haha) but I imagine there will also be a time and place for jars. Good luck! I may pick your brains when my time comes!

  2. Chris Cariou says:

    Never blame yourself. The intention was good, and that’s all that matters. Neither child will perish because of this. My kids are in their 20s now, but at the time, we were no less baffled. Having kids is like a science experiment. You’ve read how you’re SUPPOSED to do it, but after that, it’s trial and error. And even then, there are no guarantees. All you can do is constantly try.

  3. Awanthi Vardaraj says:

    Nom nom, mushed up pumpkin, nom mum’s hand, nom nom nom!

  4. Andrew says:

    But the baby’s chocolate pudding tasted beautiful! Good luck!

    How to do things by the book in two easy steps:
    1. Chose a book, any book.
    2. Keep it next to you, no matter what.

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