And I will sing a lullaby

I sing a lot. I love singing. I sing to myself, and I sing to my children.

When Elspeth was a baby, she didn’t really seem to care whether I sang or not – or I couldn’t tell if she liked it – but I did it anyway just in case she was enjoying it. Then she went through a phase of asking me not to sing at all. It’s only quite recently that she has actually shown signs of liking it: now every night at bedtime she asks me to sing ‘Golden Slumbers’ to her.

Evelyn is different. Even now, at less than five months old, I can tell that she likes hearing me sing. When she’s unsettled, I sing ‘Three Little Birds’ to her, and the moment I start singing she goes quiet and still, listening happily, and sometimes goes to sleep while I sing. During the day, I sing more upbeat songs and I sing louder, and each time I begin Evelyn breaks into smiles. She loves it!

It’s nice to be appreciated.


3 thoughts on “And I will sing a lullaby

  1. Melissa says:

    That’s beautiful 🙂 My kids don’t like me singing to them… but they do love music. My 8 month old nephew responds amazingly to music when he’s tired & cranky.

  2. Roxy Lee says:

    Levi (almost 6 months) also loves me singing to him and is immediately soothed the moment I start to. Even humming settles him. I don’t remember my older kids reacting the same way. I don’t think they had much of a reaction either way to my singing to them but it is so wonderful to watch and feel him relax and become calm at the sound of my (far from perfect!) singing voice =)

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