Bye bye tooth

A molar - not mine

After suffering toothaches for many months, they finally got too much for me. I went to the dentist yesterday. One of my molars, which I knew was not doing so well, was actually dying. I had a few options: I could have a root canal, or have it crowned, if I wanted to spend $5000. Peanuts, said I sarcastically, and asked for the cheaper option: extraction for $200.

“It’ll all be over in a minute – not even that!” the dental nurse assured me. “It’s normal to be nervous, but it’s really nothing to worry about.”

Turns out I have stubborn teeth. My dentist pulled and wriggled that damn thing until his own wrists were hurting so badly he couldn’t continue. He had to call in another dentist to finish the job.

After a brief struggle, but avoiding injury to herself, dentist #2 completed the extraction.

And I’m left with a gaping hole where a tooth used to be. It hurts. It has stitches in it, and a sort of false blood clot thing. I’m limited to eating “soft cold foods”. I wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol or tea until this afternoon. At the moment I’m finding iced water nicely soothing. I hope this goes away soon and starts feeling normal!


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