Adjusting to sisterhood

When Evelyn was born, Elspeth was two years and two months old. That’s two years and two months of being the only child. Her entire life. Having a baby in the house was a big change for her. Not just a baby, but a baby that she had to share toys with, share her parents with, and share playtime with. It was tough for her, I know that, even though we made every effort to make it a smooth and pleasant transition.

Move forward six months. Evelyn can smile and laugh, can sit up, and generally looks and acts more like another person, somebody Elspeth can understand. The sibling relationship is getting better.

Elspeth still thinks that any toy Evelyn has is the most desirable thing in the house, but it isn’t too difficult to steer her towards something else just as fun. She isn’t a big fan of touching the baby intimately – no kisses or hugs, but she’ll pat her on the head, tickle her toes, and poke her in the belly. She will fetch toys for Evelyn upon request, and they are always suitable, appropriate toys, and often the ones that Elspeth knows belong to the baby as opposed to the “communal” toys. Most importantly, Elspeth displays no resentment or animosity towards Evelyn.

Evelyn, for her part, was born into sisterhood and knows nothing else. She is an avid observer of all that Elspeth does. She laughs at her big sister’s antics, and listens when she talks and sings. She has no hesitation in touching Elspeth, grasping her and often pulling her hair, much to big sister’s disgust, but that’s just the exploring of a baby and she’ll grow out of it.

All in all, I think the sibling relationship is going quite well, and I anticipate it getting even better as they become more used to each other. They both seem very happy, and are generally lovely children.


What do you think?

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