Close to crawling

Evelyn is nearly seven months old, and for the last week or so she’s been managing to get up onto her hands and knees. She’s doing it more often, with more confidence, and I’m sure she’ll be crawling very soon!

It’s a lovely achievement, of course, it’s great to see and it’s an important milestone. But mobility is an added burden to a parent! It means not knowing exactly where your child is, it means needing to put many objects up higher so she can’t reach them, it means an increased risk of accidents and injury. More worries!

She is also sitting up really well now, and I’m confident in leaving her sitting on the floor while I do other things – I no longer need to hover over her ready to catch! I plonk her down and put a few toys within reach, and she has a lovely time. At least until Elspeth steals the toys!


What do you think?

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