Overcoming shyness

For their entire lives – that’s almost three years in one case – both of my daughters have been home with me and have seen relatively few strangers. In consequence, they’ve both been wary, afraid, or shy when unknown or forgotten people are around.

In recent weeks these symptoms, in both girls, have been declining. Elspeth has been speaking to cashiers in shops; Evelyn has allowed herself to be held by others for longer periods of time.

But last night, with the visit of our friend Andrew, I think their transformation is complete! Rather than shyness, Elspeth displayed excitement and had lots of fun and games with him. Rather than screams, Evelyn was full of smiles for our tallest friend.

It’s great to see, and it alleviates a concern I’d had that my children would be poorly socialised and unprepared for things like kindergarten, school, and extracurricular activities. I’m now confident that, one way or another, they will be fine. I’m considering enrolling Elspeth into childrens’ dance classes soon, and I’m sure she’ll love it!

2 thoughts on “Overcoming shyness

  1. It’s very encouraging to know that your children are flourishing from being nurtured in a stable environment. Few things in Life are as rewarding as watching your child gain enough confidence to reach out and explore the world. You can almost hear the gears clicking.

    We’re slow learners with big complex brains and compared to all other creatures, even our primate cousins, humans need way more time to develop survival skills. In fact, these day its not uncommon for offspring to take up to three full decades to become self sufficient, secure a mate and leave the nest. 🙂

  2. Kez says:

    That’s so great to see your kids blossoming socially and so great you’re encouraging it 🙂
    I laugh because even though the Little Mister is only almost 6 months old, his little personality is starting to really emerge! He is quite a sociable little boy, happy to meet new people all the time (unless he’s overtired haha), but he is so much more outgoing at home than when we’re out! It’s cute when we go somewhere and he sees someone new smiling at him, he’ll grin his face off and then get all coy and bury his face in my chest! I hope to always encourage him to have confidence when he’s out and about but I don’t mind that he’s a little bit more crazy at home – that part of him is special just for his mum and dad still 🙂

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