Cloud dough

My friend Awanthi recently pointed me in the direction of something new to try for my girls, particularly Elspeth: Cloud dough! It’s a little bit like playdough, but softer and silkier. It’s almost a bit like sand. The idea is to give kids a different sensory experience, something new to touch and feel and interact with.

I made a small batch of it this morning (2 cups of flour, 1/4 cup of baby oil), and Elspeth loved it. When I finally said we had to put it away and have lunch, she threw a tantrum because she wanted to keep playing with it! The only drawback is the mess; next time I think we’ll use it outside!

Freshly made and patted down

Experimenting and crumbling



One thought on “Cloud dough

  1. Awanthi Vardaraj says:

    I’m so pleased she loved it! Look at that face! 🙂

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