Skin care and customer care

Me a few years ago

Over the years, I have had a few issues with my skin. I’ve had eczema on and off for years, on my hands and my face, although in more recent years my face has been pretty much fine.

I also have two young children: one in nappies, and one in the process of toilet training. This means that I wash my hands a lot: after each nappy change for Evelyn, and after each time I assist Elspeth on the toilet, and that’s on top of other usual reasons for myself. I might easily wash my hands twenty or thirty times a day. Contrary to what might seem common sense, washing and drying your hands often actually dries them out and can cause redness, rashes, and irritation.

Needless to say, with all these things to think about, I have established what you might call a skincare regime. There are a couple of products that I know are effective for my skin, and which I don’t react badly to, and one or two that I know will work very well when my eczema does flare up in reaction to something else.

Freebies from La Prairie

However, when La Prairie had a giveaway for their first followers on Twitter, I thought it was worth giving them a try. You never know how something will go unless you try it, and a freebie is always welcome, right? So they sent me a free sample of their intensive moisturiser.

Unfortunately the cream set off the eczema on my hands, although it was lovely on my face. I informed them of this misfortune on Twitter, assuming that perhaps they might suggest one of their products I might purchase; they are a business, after all, in the business of selling things and making money.

But instead of suggesting that I buy something, they actually sent me another free sample, this time of their cellular nurturing complex. I got it today, and tried it on my hands immediately. After just one application, a large patch of red irritation on my left hand is looking smoother and closer to its usual colour. There is also a spot on my right wrist which is looking better already.

And so I wanted to record how pleased I am with La Prairie’s customer service, and their care for me as an individual. It would have been easy for them to either ignore me, or just refer me to another product. Taking the time to consider what might work the best for me, and to send me a free sample of it, was above and beyond my expectations. I’m also really impressed with how quickly I’ve noticed a difference after using the cellular nurturing complex; I’ve never seen results so quickly before!

Excellent customer service is not dead!

(I was not asked or paid to write this  blog post.)


4 thoughts on “Skin care and customer care

  1. Kez says:

    Yay for customer service (and your skin)! Not only are you more likely to purchase their products now, I imagine, but you have just told the whole internet about them. Good marketing on their part!
    I went clothes shopping (baby in tow) the other day for some “essentials”. I had to pick the types of clothes/accessories that I would be able to look at and know they’d fit without having to squeeze into a changeroom to find out. The girl at the counter helped me pick a better size blazer than the one I thought would fit me and was more than understanding while I had a baby in a pram with me. If she hadn’t intervened I would have gone home unsatisfied and it was nice to know she genuinely cared (and noticed my inability to use a changeroom). I made sure to thank her – hoping that good feedback will encourage her to keep it up! Such a change from pouty, snobby shop staff who couldn’t care less if you’re happy once you’re out of the store!

  2. AJ's Mom says:

    It’s always good to know that excellent customer service is definitely not dead yet. I, too, have issues with my skin, and that is eczema. It’s been worst lately since the weather has turned to hot and humid. I’ve just been moisturizing myself and sometimes when it gets really bad, I have to seek the help of hydrocortisone prescribed by my doctor. I’ve not found the perfect solution for this yet unfortunately. I am glad you seem to have found yours. 🙂

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